Narrative Therapy

What kind of counselling do I do?

The kind of counselling I provide is called Narrative Therapy.

I believe that problems can overwhelm us and rob us of the ability to enjoy our lives and relationships. I see those problems as separate from the person. Problems like depression, anger, addictions or other such issues have an effect on us but do not define us. I work with clients to recognise their own resources and abilities that can be used against the problem.

I see family as really important. I believe that we are all made up of significant others, who we carry with us into every moment. Sometimes we’ve been taught strategies that have enabled us to thrive. While other times we pick up strategies merely to survive. Sometimes, these strageties continue to be helpful in our current situation. Other times, the strategies no longer serve us well. Counselling can help work out which strategies we want to keep and which strategies we want to put aside.

I work narratively with individuals, families and couples.


I am so sorry but am fully booked for the next few months. If you are interested in counselling in Porirua, can I suggest the following agencies:

Te Roopu Awhina (04 238 4091)

North Porirua Care Centre (04 233 1248)

If you are interested in counselling in the Northern Suburbs, can I suggest you try:

The Salvation Army Johnsonville counselling centre (04 477 4853).

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